did I get here?!  Growing up I always had a thing for interior design.  Whether it was sketching floor plans in my notebook or re-arranging my bedroom furniture, I was always thinking about how you could make a space look better.  I also grew up with a mother who lives for projects...and painting, re-painting...and then painting some more always seems to be at the top of the list when it comes to finding new projects.  So I guess when you mix that gene with my "can't sit still" personality, it would only seem natural that I'd end up doing something along these lines...but it wasn't quite that easy.  Oh no - I decided I should take the "practical" route and get a Finance degree.  Well, after nine years of feeling like a circle trying to be shoved through a square hole, I realized maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all!  So, after a little soul searching, a lot of encouragement from others, and a big leap of faith, here I am...Ashley Harding - furniture painter and blogger (among other things of course)!  Is this my final destination?  Absolutely not!  But I'm so excited to be here now and can't wait to see how this path evolves into something bigger.