A Pair of End Tables

I want to share with you my latest estate sale find, a pair of side tables.  I get such a thrill out of going to estate sales and digging around some stranger's stuff.  Sometimes it's a let down, but nine out of ten times I come home with some great finds, and these side tables are a perfect example of that.  As soon as I laid my eyes on them I knew they were mine!  They are from the 1960's and made from mahogany.  I love the delicate features of these tables and they have great bones.

So now the tough part...what to do with these tables.  After a bit of contemplating, I decided to go with a neutral color (I must have been feeling pretty boring that day).  I painted two coats of ASCP Old White and finished it with a coat of clear wax then dark wax.  Well, apparently 'boring' doesn't leave me with a good feeling when it comes to critiquing my finished products.  I mean, there was nothing wrong with the tables, but they just didn't excite me.  As I was standing there staring at the tables and trying to convince myself, "No, they're great!  They look really nice!", my biggest critic walked into the room.  Kyle took one look at the tables and declared, "I'm not a big fan of that color.  And the dark wax kinda gives them a dirty look.  You can do better."  So that was that.  Round Two begins.      

So here's the tip of the day.  What do you do when you paint AND WAX a piece of furniture, and then decide you want to change the color?  Don't worry, you're not stuck with that color, however there is an extra step you need to do before painting again.  In order to remove the wax, use Mineral Spirits and a clean cloth to wipe off as much of the wax as you can.  This step gives you a clean surface to paint on.  Once that is done, back to the drawing board!

This time around I went with a mix of ASCP Aubusson Blue and Graphite.  I knew I wanted to distress the piece, so whatever color I chose should coordinate with the original coat of Old White.  

Yes!  So much better!  The contrast of the dark and light turned out great.  The distressing really highlighted all the intricate carvings and detail.

These tables would be great for nightstands or as end tables in a living room.  

I just wish I would have found 20 of these tables instead of two because there are so many techniques I'd love to try out on them.  But for now, I'll settle for two!