Etsy Shop Updates

Well I'm not sure how it's already Friday again...but here we are! Another week has come and gone. I don't know about you, but I have weeks where I am on top of the world, super motivated, and everything is smooth sailing. And then there are those weeks where I'm just off. Ya know what I mean?! Nothing's going your way and you're not sure why. Well, it was one of those weeks. One of my dressers got lost during shipment (which has thankfully since been recovered), I haven't been finding new pieces I really like, and I have felt a bit of anxiety regarding where I was taking this whole business of mine. I've learned there are really two ways of handling these feelings. You can either pout and feel sorry for yourself (which I'm totally ok doing, and rather good at!) or you can use it as a time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Yeah, that's the harder path. But in the long run, it's usually the more productive path.

After feeling this slump, I sat down with my CFO (aka my husband) and we outlined a new business plan. Yep, it was a fun night of revenue growth charts, margin analysis, pie graphs, and all those other finance things I've tried to push out of head. Don't worry, there was definitely some wine drunk (probably more on my end) during this review session. Bottom line, I left feeling re-energized and ready to make a couple adjustments to my sales strategy! So here goes...

One major issue I've always struggled with since the beginning has been custom orders. Should I do them? And if so, in what capacity? I've always enjoyed the gratification of working with someone throughout the entire process to create a vision they have, but at the end of the day, it's a lot of time and stress just to procure one piece. So where does that leave me? After weighing out the pros and cons, I ended up with a hybrid-custom option. That's my fancy way of saying I can't really make up my mind one way or the other! Consistently, one of my goals has been to have more inventory in stock. My thought is, if I can keep a larger selection of inventory, that becomes the pool from which people can choose their custom piece from. This allows me to buy what I really like and also prevents me from spending countless hours searching for that perfect piece for someone. By now, I have a large collection of prior pieces I've finished, which should make it easier for people to find examples of what they like. It will now be my job to keep my inventory stocked full of great furniture. Anyways, that's my new strategy. Watch out Pottery Barn, once people catch wind of this, you're up for some major competition! :) 

I thought today I'd share with you some of my latest pieces that are currently up for grabs for a custom order. All of these pieces are available on my Etsy shop under 'Custom Pieces Available'. Or at least, if they're not there yet, they will be shortly; I'm still making updates.

This nine drawer dresser is such a popular style. I've done several of these dressers in the past and I always love the way they turn out. The clean lines and sharp edges give the piece a modern feel. 


This buffet is a similar style, just a slightly different function. I'm totally digging the mix of drawers and doors. The combination makes the piece more interesting. Although it'd obviously make a great buffet, it would also work great in a bedroom.


This next buffet is a similar layout, but different style. The curved lines make this piece more elegant. I actually just finished a buffet similar to this in a cream and gray combination. The soft colors compliment the style of this piece.

Have you had your fill of buffets yet? I hope not! This next one is completely different. It’s bold and definitely makes a statement. Oh…I’m just envisioning this piece in about 100 different ways right now!

I think it was love at first sight when I laid eyes upon this armoire. It’s been a couple weeks and I’m still crushing over it! Yep, this is definitely one of those pieces that may just disappear from my Etsy shop and suddenly appear in one of our bedrooms!

Here’s your traditional French Provincial chest. It’s always a classic in my mind and I just never can seem to pass them up.  

This is far from everything, but these are a couple of my favorites. I'm already looking forward to seeing how they turn out! So does this mean complete custom pieces are dead? Doubtful. But I'm scaling them waaaay back. I'll let you know how this strategy plays out in my annual report to the shareholders. :)