White & Wood Desk Makeover

Happy Black Friday! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are spending this long weekend catching up with friends and family. I actually had no intention of writing a post this week...it just sorta happened. I know everyone is preoccupied with shopping, eating left overs and officially freaking out that there are only four weeks left until Christmas. Eeek!

I was quite busy over here as well...preparing for our road trip. That's right, for Thanksgiving we decided to drive 14 hours (each way) in a 13 year old SUV with two dogs. You do the math, it doesn't add up! But, here we are, in Dallas celebrating Thanksgiving! I'm not one to hide the fact that road trips aren't really my thing. Maybe it's because by the time I was 14 years old, I had racked up enough highway miles to have lifetime gold member status. There was that trip when the transmission went out in our Previa on the way home from Florida. That was a fun one!  Then there was that time when we (and I use the word 'we' lightly) decided to drive four hours out of our way just to find out all those 'HIGHWAY CLOSED AHEAD' signs really weren't a joke after all. I think it was then that I vowed to myself when I grow up, all trips would include a stop through O'hare. Needless to say, when the idea of driving from Chicago to Dallas came up, I wasn't exactly leaping with joy. So, I guess it was no surprise that when Tuesday evening rolled around, I had the option of packing up the car or writing about a furniture makeover, I chose furniture.   

There she is...the reason I forgot to pack snacks and pillows for the car ride! 

The dresser started as your basic Maple dresser.

I wanted to keep the end product basic and versatile. I started by sanding down the top. Once I did this, I loved the look of the raw wood and decided to keep it natural looking. I went with Weathered Oak stain from Minwax. It's such a warm, pretty finish.

I chose Annie Sloan's Old White for the base. I had originally planned on painting the entire piece in just Old White, but once it was finished it just looked a bit blah to me. In the past, I've done several pieces in a neutral color, but incorporated in another neutral color for the drawers. I decided to do the same technique for this piece.

I lightly brushed on Annie Sloan's Paris Grey and French Linen, then used a rag to blend the colors together.

To top it off, I updated the hardware with cup pulls and glass knobs from D Lawless Hardware. The black pulls add just the right amount of contrast against the light colored piece while the glass knobs help to keep the piece light and refreshing. 

I also distressed around the edges a decent amount. This step helped to tie in the natural wood throughout the entire piece.

So there you have it, my impromptu furniture makeover! And in case you're wondering, we safely made it down to Dallas, and as much as I hate to admit it, the road trip really wasn't that bad after all!