Contemporary Dresser

"I'm bold and I'm beautiful!" If this dresser could talk, I'm pretty sure that's what she'd say. Although she doesn't come with super powers or have killer knee-high leather boots, she's got some attitude, and she made that clear straight from the beginning.

Ignore the liquor bottles on's just a part of her persona.

As you can see, she was a bit beat up and had seen better days.

To say the least, this dresser was no treat trying to haul up the stairs from a basement into the back of my SUV. I'm pretty sure the girl helping me may still be recovering from a broken toe. Apparently she didn't get the memo -  driving moccasins aren't really heavy-lifting appropriate. Meanwhile, my steal-toed shoes and I got off injury-free (I wasn't winning any fashion awards that day)!

Once I got her home, getting the dresser inside was another challenge. At the time, there were three strong, able-bodied men in my house, and as much as I wanted to ask them for help, Kyle's constant harping...errr...encouragement that I have to learn how to move my furniture on my own kept playing in my head and finally got the best of me. So, with my head held high, I independently marched out to the garage and wheeled this dresser up from my car to the house on a dolly. Let's just say 'graceful' is NOT a word I would use to describe this event. A lady who was jogging by at the time actually stopped and asked if I needed help. "Nope, I've got this!" was all I could manage to sputter out from underneath the weight of the dresser.

Finally, the piece was inside, cleaned, filled in with wood filler, sanded and ready to go...or so I thought. Turns out, she was a bloody mess. And I'm not saying that because I'm trying to sound charming or brush up on my English accent. I mean, the stain on this piece bled like nothing I have ever seen before! Although you're not supposed to have to prime when using Annie Sloan paints, they do warn you that sometimes with Mahogany or Cherry finishes, it is recommended. I thought since I was using a dark color I was in the clear, but after finishing the FIFTH coat I realized that was not the case. Luckily, I painted the drawers first, so when I got to the base, I opted for a primer first. 

Finally...the dark gray shade I had envisioned all along! 

In order to get a modern look, I needed a smooth finish. To achieve this, I first dipped my brush in water before the paint to thin it out some. This really helps to create thin, smooth layers (which also probably contributed to why I needed so many coats).

To update the piece I removed the round plate from behind the hardware. This definitely gives it a more chic look. And someone, please tell me how we survived before the days of gold spray paint!

I love the clean lines this piece has. It's simple, but definitely has a big impact.

I feel like this piece could really be used in so many ways. 

This dresser may have had some 'tude, but little did she know, when she crossed my path, she met her match!

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