A Week of Reflection

I hope you all are gearing up for a long Memorial Day weekend. I know I am - I spent yesterday washing all of my white jeans and have them laid out just waiting to be worn. Now I just have to decide which pair to wear first! I don't care what the weather forecast may be, once Memorial Day hits, it's white jeans and sandals from here on out! 

I actually decided to get a head start on my long weekend and don't have any furniture makeovers to reveal (gasp)! However, if you want to get your weekly furniture fix in, hop over Saw Nail and Paint to check out this fabulous dresser makeover Susan just finished. I became OBSESSED with this piece the second I saw it. I love the bold color and gold hardware combination. So chic and classy! I always enjoy seeing furniture makeovers by other people. It's inspiring as well as a great way to pick up on little tips and tricks. You can find more details about the piece on her site.

Since I'm not sharing any furniture with you this week, I figured I'd use this time to share some thoughts instead. Get ready, it's about to get real!

When I first made the leap into this business, I really had no idea what to expect. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take this venture or on the flip side, where it may take me. There were a lot of unknowns. Were people going to like my furniture? Was I going to have any sales? What about if people were disappointed once they received their furniture? Basically, what if this thing turns out to be a complete disaster?! There were a lot of unanswered questions I had and I felt vulnerable to people's skepticism and potential criticisms. 

In my opinion, buying a piece of my furniture is essentially inviting me into your home. It's often times a big purchase and a bit personal. When I stop and think of the fact that my furniture is now in homes all over the U.S. it becomes personal for me as well. If someone is going to invite me into their home, I want to be the best guest I can be!

I have been extremely lucky throughout this journey and have worked with some amazing customers. There are times when I get frustrated and things seems harder than they should and I wonder if it's all worth it (I usually get these thoughts around 10 pm on a Friday night when Kyle and I are packing up a piece to send out).  However, I then have repeat customers who are excited to purchase more pieces and leave such nice feedback (although being a repeat customer is a compliment in and of itself). The kind words help me to refocus and encourage me to work even harder. 

And then there are the custom orders. They are by far the most nerve racking and I continually go back and forth whether I should do them. I know the clients have specific visions and I can only hope that I can translate that vision onto a piece of furniture. However, in doing a custom piece, I work with the client throughout the entire process and start to form a relationship with them. When they receive their piece and are excited about it, it's even more gratifying for me.

And then I receive pictures back like this...and I know it's all worth it in the end!