Antique Washstand

When it comes to home decor, I've learned awhile back that if you really like something, you should just buy it. Even if you don't have the perfect space for it at the moment, you will eventually. Our closets, garage and basement can all vouch for me on that statement! You just have to be patient and know that eventually the time will come, and when it does you can reach into your bag of tricks and pull out the perfect piece! You don't ever want to fall into the trap of buying something because it's the right size for the space or the right color for the room or just simply a great deal...but you're not totally into it. If you settle on a piece because 'it will work' for one reason or another, chances are you'll be replacing it sooner rather than later. I'm a believer that you truly should love everything in your home. This is your sanctuary and the one place you have total control of, so why not surround yourself with items that make you happy? I guess I applied that same methodology when I found this vintage washstand at an auction several weeks ago. I knew it may not be the most practical piece, and it may be a more difficult piece to sell due to its lack of versatility, but I loved it! And I knew refinishing it would make me happy, so I bought it. Here is what it looked like originally.

The piece was in overall good shape. The biggest issue was one of the side towel racks was a bit loose. I applied some wood glue, held it in place with a clamp, and let it dry overnight. I've discovered that many older items are in need of small repairs such as this. These kinds of issues scare a lot of buyers away. But, as long as you have the right tools and are willing to spend a bit of time making the piece structurally sound again, they're a great buy. 

I love using bright, fun colors for smaller accent pieces. If you remember the chair I recently refinished, that's a perfect example of this. I finally decided on a Pear Green. The only issue was, Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan doesn't have a pre-made color that fit what I was looking for. Although Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is sold at a limited number of places, the great thing is that anyone who sells them is fully educated on the brand. So, when I went into the store and described what I was looking for, the stockist not only got out her color chart, she also got out test paints and we worked on mixing colors together until we found just the right shade. I ended up with a 2:1:1 ratio of Antibes Green, Chateau Grey and Arles.

Here is how the piece turned out.

Did I mention how it just happened to fit the space in our bathroom perfectly?! 

I was really excited with this new shade of green. It's not too bright, but still makes a statement.

Since the style of this piece is clearly antique, I wanted the finish to reflect that style as well. I gave the piece a good distressing with 220 grit sandpaper prior to sealing it with wax.

I just love the shape and functionality of this piece! 

I know I said that if you really like something you should just buy it. However, let me preface that with saying there is a fine line between acquiring things you love and just being a straight up hoarder. But really, who knew that moving this piece into our bathroom for staging was going to be so emotional and heart wrenching when I had to drag it back out after the photo shoot? But, with my hoarding thought still fresh in my mind, I reluctantly moved this piece out of our bathroom and onto my Etsy shop, where it will await a new home.