Making it Personal

When it comes to monogramming, people's tendencies are all over the board. There are those people whose goal in life is to stamp their initials onto every article of clothing, textile and home accessory, making sure there is no confusion whatsoever who the item belongs to (or that your middle name starts with an M). Then, there are those people who just plain don't get it. I think I fall somewhere in the middle (but probably more towards the first of the two groups). I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a classic monogrammed hand towel, and if there is a display of lettered coffee mugs at the store, you better believe I'm going to stop to see if they have an 'A'.  And c'mon, there really is nothing more innocent than some cute little kids running around in monogrammed smocks and Jon-Jon's. So, this week when I decided to make a custom chair for our bedroom, I couldn't resist the opportunity to personalize it with our initials.

About a year ago, I came across a couple dozen bentwood chairs that a Pizza Hut restaurant was getting rid of. They came to me still reeking of garlic and covered in a layer of pepperoni grease, but underneath that, were some solid classic chairs. Over this past year, I've sold some, used some, and still have some sitting in our garage. 

This past week I gave our master bedroom a little revamp. After all the mayhem of swapping out pillows, re-arranging vases and other very, very important details that go into updating a room, there remained this one corner that just looked blah and bare. It took a couple of trial and errors, but I finally settled on one of these bentwood chairs to fill the space.

If you were to see the rest of the room (which I promise, you will soon!) it's primarily blue with green accents. I wanted to step it up a bit with the green, and decided this chair was the perfect candidate. I painted it in Annie Sloan Antibes Green. This color just leaves you with such a good feeling all over!

I'm getting ahead of myself here...back to the details! Once I was set on the chair color, I decided some blue patterned seat cushion may be too matchy-matchy, so I went with a toned down grain sack fabric. For those of you not familiar with grain sack, it ain't cheap! Like, we're talking do you want to eat for the next month, or do you want a grain sack upholstered chair? can get pricey! However there are a ton of reproduction options available that still look great. I found this fabric on Etsy and love it!

Once the seat was upholstered, it was like the center of the cushion was just screaming out to me, "Personalize me!" And so I did...

I found these stencils at Home Depot. They're great because they come in various sizes, but maintain the same font. Be sure when you tape them on, you give yourself enough space on the edges for your brush to go over. Or, if you're like me, just go ahead and tape up every square inch of fabric you won't be painting. It'll save you a ton of frantic clean-up time during the process (seriously, you'd think I was a rookie!). You can get more tips and tricks about painting fabric here.

Now back to the finished product...

Although it's simple, the monogramming really helps to add a personal touch. 

And the redecorating of our bedroom is complete...for now...