Ready or Not...Here Comes Fall!

Now that Labor Day is behind us, I guess it's officially time to turn our attention to what inevitably lies ahead...Fall! I feel like most people look forward to this time of year and welcome the change of seasons which is identified by wearing boots, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and watching football. I'll be the first to admit though, I'm a Summer girl through and through and I don't get quite as jazzed up about the cooler weather. However, although I may not be looking forward to Fall as much as some, if it's coming, let's do it...and let's do it pretty! Here are some simple decorating ideas to get you in the spirit (sorry, pumpkin spiced lattes not included).

Let's start with the exterior of the home. These pumpkin topiaries are hands down my favorite Fall decor!

This topiary example is from my aunt's front porch. If there's one lady who knows how to decorate for the holidays, it's her! (Sorry Martha Stewart, but my aunt may have a leg up on you on this one!)

I think my biggest fear of holiday decorating is falling into the trap of making your house look like one giant craft bizarre. These topiaries prove that you can be festive while keeping it classy. You can even create miniature versions for areas of your yard that aren't major focal points.

Although I've never been a huge decorator for the holidays (I'm getting there...just more slowly than some) there are simple accent pieces you can swap out to give a festive look. Take a look at this outdoor buffet. Whether it's changing up a candle or adding a seasonal touch, little updates can go a long way.

All right, moving on inside... If there's only one area you're going to focus on, it should be the dining table. It's this huge flat surface just asking to be decorated!

You really can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want. Take the example below, my rendition of the lazy man's approach to decorating a table.

I simply placed a wreath in the center of the table and filled in the center with candles. I mean, you really can't screw that one up!

I usually try to maintain some sort of height in my centerpieces. The two vases of grain framing the wreath help to achieve this.

When it's time to use the table for its actual intention of eating a meal, you'll probably need to scale back the centerpieces.

But that doesn't mean you have to scale back on the festive factor!

I kept my everyday dinner plates, but switched out the salad plates for some Fall themed plates. This is an inexpensive way to add a seasonal touch, without splurging on a whole new set of dishes. I don't know about you, but I barely have enough storage space for just one set of dinnerware! 

I hope these Fall decorating ideas give you a bit of inspiration and get you in the spirit of the season. After a day of decorating, I think I'm coming around and accepting the fact that my bikinis and flip flops will have to be retired for the season! Bring on the pumpkin scented candles...I'm ready!