Bedroom Makeover

I have a friend who believes in only using white duvets and pillows when decorating bedrooms. I'm warning you all right now, if you fall under this category, you may need to pour yourself a glass of wine before continuing to read this, because the amount of color and cheerfulness bursting out of this room is probably going to cause you a bit of anxiety! Tranquil. Serene. Calm. All words that do NOT describe the style of this bedroom. However, if you turn the dial up some...ALL the way up until it reaches the Fun/Cheerful/Happy level, that's a more fitting description of this bedroom's feel. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen sneak peaks of this makeover and know what's coming. For the rest of you, brace yourself.

I'm hesitant to label this room as the Master Bedroom considering it's the smallest bedroom in our lake house, however since it's the room we sleep in, I guess by default, it gets the title of Master Bedroom. When we purchased this house we didn't really go into it thinking we were going to claim the smallest room for us and leave the more spacious rooms as guest bedrooms (although you won't hear me ever admitting that to our guests...oh no...we were totally thinking about their needs first!). The reality is, this room needed the least amount of work, which made it the easiest room to make move-in ready. I guess by the time the other bedrooms were renovated we kinda felt at home in our cozy little bedroom. Here is how the room started.

Basically it just needed some the form of latex paint. Ok...maybe a bit more than that...but as long as the improvements didn't include sledge hammers and power tools, I got this!

Here is the overview of what we did:

  • Paint walls (Behr Quietude)
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Paint window trim (Behr Snow Fall)
  • Replace and paint baseboard trim (Behr Snow Fall)
  • Replace pocket doors (Home Depot)
  • New light fixture (Pottery Barn)

The best feature about this room is all of the natural light. In addition, the windows look out onto the backyard. Not only is this definitely the best view, it also makes it easier to keep an eye on the dogs when they decide to wake up at 5 am and want to be let out to play. 

As for me, you'll still find me in my bed at 5 am on the weekends. 

Like I mentioned earlier, compared to some of the other room renovations I've shared (guest bathroom, powder room, kitchen, mudroom) this makeover was strictly cosmetic and practically stress-free. Relatively speaking of course.

I also made it budget-friendly by taking full advantage of Craigslist. (If Craigslist ever comes out with some sort of VIP Member Status, I'm pretty sure I'll be the first one qualified!) I scored this dresser off Craigslist. It was also one of the very first pieces I refinished and still one of my favorites.

This nightstand was also another Craigslist find. I gave it a quick makeover using Annie Sloan's Old White. It's a tight space between the bed and wall, but this little guy does the trick!

The guessed it. Another victim to my paintbrush! 

And do you remember this Pizza Hut chair? I'm still loving the pop of green it adds to this corner of the room! 

You may remember that in my chair makeover post I had a valence over this window. After looking at the pictures, I realized how much I disliked the valence. (I originally had one over the small window above the bed too). One great thing about photographing your home is it really forces you to take a hard look at your space and critique it. So, with that, I swapped out the valances for full length drapes. Such an improvement! I don't know why I had in my head that I couldn't put drapes on these windows in the first place...who knows what was going on in my head that day?!

The bedding is a compilation from several sources. The duvet cover, matching pillow shams and striped throw pillow all came from Pottery Barn. The navy quilt and matching shams are from Bed Bath & Beyond. My mom made the remaining pillows. Check back in a couple months and I'm sure the pillow arrangement will be completely different. You know how much I love throw pillows!

Although this room may be small, there's a lot of personality packed into this little space. And to be honest, we don't go to the lake house to lock ourselves in our bedroom all day. We're there to enjoy the outdoors and to entertain friends, so having a not-so-master Master Bedroom has actually been just fine!