MCM Dresser

Unless you've been living under an interior decorating rock, you've probably noticed that mid-century furniture is a big way! Take a trip to your local Crate & Barrel, West Elm, or Room & Board, and it will take you all of 30 seconds to realize these stores are doubling down on this trend. Similar to fashion trends, whether you're ready for it or not, styles tend to go full circle, and if you stick around long enough, you'll see them repeat themselves. On a side note, I've been seeing waaay more bell-bottomed jeans in catalogs lately than I'm comfortable about admitting. I'm pretty sure if I'm seeing this trend for the second time around, there are people out there who are now on round three! Mark my words, I'm standing firm this time and will NOT succumb to this trend again! Anyways...back to furniture. While major retailers are making it clear mid-century furniture is totally hip again, personally, it's not what I gravitate towards. While I appreciate the style, I don't find myself buying it. However, that's the great thing about my job. I can spend quality time bonding with different types of furniture, getting to know them, learning about their quirks, deciding if we're compatible, and then ultimately saying good-bye...kinda like my ex-boyfriends! 

When I first spotted this dresser at an auction it wasn't love at first sight. But, I decided this dresser would provide me with a good opportunity to try something new, and I was up for the challenge. Here is a Before picture.

It was in great shape, is a solid piece, and is excellent quality. I wanted to keep the MCM feel, which to me meant keeping a decent portion of the dresser stained wood. I went with a high contrast color pallet, choosing General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint for the base and Minwax Jacobean Stain for the drawers. 

For the base, it took a layer or primer and three layers of paint (sanding in between each layer) to  achieve a bright white appearance. For the drawers, I completely sanded them down, applied three layers of stain and sealed them with polyurethane. Here is the end result.

I was pretty excited with the way the dresser turned out. The high contrast makes the piece fun and versatile.

I think the most interesting part about this dresser is the variation of drawer pulls. While the middle two drawers have traditional pulls, the upper and lower drawers have a built-in wooden ledge. Because the stain is such a dark color, I know it's a bit hard to really see the details of the piece. My photography skills are amateur at best!

 I brightened up the hardware with a bit of gold spray paint to really make them pop.

The crisp white base helps to lighten up the piece and make it seem less bulky. I'm a huge fan of Snow White by General Finishes and find myself using it more and more lately. 

And how about that Brno Chair by Knoll? Kinda cool, right?! Perfect accessory to keep with the mid-century vibe.

Overall, this dresser was a fun makeover, and I always enjoy learning a thing or two about furniture from different eras. I have a couple other MCM pieces in my inventory right now that I'm excited to get my hands on!