Living Room Update - Custom Made Ottoman

Well, my upholstery guy strikes again! And in typical fashion, he did not disappoint! A couple months ago I shared my $10 Craigslist chair makeover. The upholstery guy at my studio worked his magic and completely transformed the chair. I was so blown away with the finished product and wasn't about to call it quits. All I could think about was what else could I have him make?! My mind was going full speed as I paced room to room, creating a list in my head of all the new upholstered furniture we now suddenly needed. Before this, I never would have thought we needed an upholstered headboard for the dog bed, but now...we absolutely do! (Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture.)

Our living room has been my primary focus now in terms of decorating, so I decided to stick with this room for the next project. It's the same room the chair is going in, as well as the white hutch I refinished over the summer. It's been a slow transformation, but the room is finally starting to take shape. 

I've had the general layout of the room planned out in my head for quite some time, so now it's just been finding the right pieces to actually create the space I've been envisioning. Awhile back, I found this upholstered tufted ottoman from Ballard Designs. It quickly became my inspiration behind the piece I was going to have made.

The first step was figuring out a color scheme. I ultimately decided to keep it neutral, as the chair was patterned and I would be bringing in more color with the throw pillows.

Once I figured out the fabric choice, my job was done! I have worked with this guy enough by now to know I could just give him the details and let him run with it.  He started by creating a wood base and topping it with a large piece of foam.

Next came the fabric. Since I am clueless when it comes to anything sewing related, it probably would have been better if I just waited until I saw the finished product. However, I was so excited about the progress that I couldn't help but to sneak in a couple peaks here and there. Not going to lie, this image was slightly unsettling, as it looked nothing like the end result I was envisioning.

However, I could tell this step was extremely tedious and time consuming, as he had to hand sew each point to create the tufted effect. So, I decided to remain calm and trust that he knew what he was doing.

Once the base was complete, he added the skirt, which is actually just panels overlaying the base. He topped it off with cording and casters.

Ok, I know I'm waaay over-simplifying things here, but that's the general idea. Easy, right?! Trust me, I don't think that's what he was saying! However, the finished product...nailed it!

The details that looked a bit scary halfway done now look perfect.

The tufting looks beautiful, and you can really tell the difference when it is hand sewn. 

The cording around the edge really completes the look.

Although I decided to stick with a neutral color, I incorporated in a lighter shade around the trim. This color helped to tie in the lighter color of the linen on the settee. 

I think it's just enough detail to prevent the ottoman from looking boring, yet doesn't attract too much attention to the piece. After all, that buffalo check chair still holds a special place in my heart and I don't want to take attention away from it. Yep, I'm still pretty smitten for it!

If you remember I mentioned earlier that I am really going for a 'more formal but still comfortable' feel for this room. I am envisioning curling up during the day by that bay window with a good book and cup of coffee. I think it will then transform into the perfect 'adult room' at night where we can sit back and tell funny stories over a glass of wine or two. 

I've still got a ways to go before the room is finished, but it's getting there! It's been one of my favorite rooms to decorate so far because it's been such a long and thought out process. Every piece in this room has been thoughtfully designed for this space. It is becoming a truly unique room with plenty of character and charm.