Taste of Hope - American Cancer Society

Several months ago Kyle mentioned one of his friends was co-chairing an event for the American Cancer Society called Taste of Hope. The major fundraiser for the event would be a silent auction. He suggested I donate a piece of my furniture for the auction. It would be a great way to gain exposure in the local market as well as help out a cause I am passionate about and strikes a personal chord. I wasn't exactly sure how this would work, but I thought it seemed like a great opportunity. In life, I think we all have different qualities to offer, and often times the challenge is finding how to align our skills with activities outside of our daily job. This seemed like a perfect fit for me, so I contacted the event coordinator and went from there!

To give you a bit of history, almost four years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has always been healthy, has regular check-ups, and cancer doesn't run in our family. It seemed as if it came out of nowhere and left my family dumbfounded. I can say cancer, like many other diseases, is one of those things you think happens to everyone else, but never you...until it does. The one thing it did do was bring us all closer together while we fought for a common goal. After a year of intense chemo and radiation, she is now going on three years of being cancer-free. While this has been a huge success story and she has overcome an obstacle that no one should have to endure, not all cases are this fortunate.

Luckily there are fantastic foundations out there such as ACS who help lead the way in funding research breakthroughs as well as offer counseling and support for cancer patients and their families. While many of you aren't located in Chicago and able to attend tonight's event, I encourage you to take a moment to learn a bit more about the American Cancer Society and all the hard work they do. 

If you are located in Chicago, it's not too late to buy a ticket for tonight's event. It will be a fun evening of gourmet food and drinks from local restaurants, entertainment and a silent auction. I am really excited to be a part of the event and look forward to working with the future buyer on creating a custom made piece of furniture.