Nautical Bedroom Makeover Reveal

I have to admit, the home renovation reveals are always my favorite to write. Maybe I write them more for myself than anything else. Even though I lived through this whole crazy process, it never fails, every time I write about one of our room makeovers, I am completely amazed at the transformation this house has made over the past 2 1/2 years. (You can check out other room reveals here...Kitchen, Downstairs Bathroom, Guest Bathroom, Powder Room, Master Bedroom.) I promise you, when it comes to dramatic changes, this room is no exception. Seeing these old photos also makes me question my sanity just a bit. What we were thinking when we decided to take on such a huge project is beyond me. Saying that we were a bit naive at the beginning of this whole ordeal is probably a bit of an understatement. Do I regret it though? Not for a second! Well, I guess there was that time when our roof started leaking into our newly renovated room, the heat went out when it was -4 outside, our home was taken over by Japanese Beetles, we realized our septic tank was non-existent and our front yard doubled as a toilet, our garage door cable snapped forcing us to keep our garage door half opened at all times, and I touched my first dead mouse. Kyle would probably add to this list that his wife completely forgot the meaning of the word budget, but I'd actually like to think of that as a positive! But those minor setbacks aside, no regrets! Especially when I look back now and see how all our hard work has paid off, it makes those bumps in the road seem not so bad after all. 

Let's just say this room wasn't always called the Nautical Bedroom. It was originally coined as the Bambi Bedroom. Once you see the Before pictures, I don't think any explanation is necessary...

Unfortunately for Bambi, there were also some hunting rifles resting in the corner of the room. I wouldn't call this room a Disney-friendly kind of Bambi. 

On the positive side, at least this room was cohesive with the rest of the original home...knotty pine, dropped ceilings, odd shaped rooms, etc. So likewise, the room was in need of a total gut job.

One common theme we found throughout this home renovation was how many layers each room had. We would literally peel back paneling, wallpaper, more wallpaper, lath & plaster. With each layer we'd find, it felt like we were uncovering a different part of history. It really made us curious in learning more about the home and the different families who lived there before us.  

Once we finally demoed the room back to the studs, it was time to start rebuilding it back together. The first step was to add new insulation. 

Next came the drywall. This is always the step that really allows you to start envisioning the future room. (Lucy was pretty stoked about the progress as well!)

Overall, there was a lot that needed to be done to get this room up and running...

  • Demo walls back to studs
  • Demo drop ceiling
  • Remove carpet
  • Replace windows
  • Correct sloping in floor
  • Add insulation inside walls
  • Install drywall to walls and ceiling
  • New electrical
  • Close opening in wall to closet
  • New entry door
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Install new baseboard and window trim
  • Install new carpet
  • Install new light fixtures

I think that covers the whole gamut of work, but don't quote me on that! Here is the end result.

The room gets sunlight from both the North and East, so it is always bright and cheery. Great during the day, not so great for trying to sleep in.

One remaining item we still need to complete is to install blackout shades. For now, we only have decorative cornice boards. (You can read about how I made them here.) 

Although we call this bedroom the Nautical Bedroom, I didn't want to go over-the-top, in-your-face with the nautical decor. I was going for more of a subtle feel by adding in coastal-themed decor here and there. 

In order to keep the nautical vibe toned down, I incorporated in more classic accents as well.

You know I can never pass on an opportunity to decorate with blue and white!

If this dresser looks familiar to you, it's probably because you've seen it before. It's one of those furniture makeovers that never seemed to make it out of my home and into my Etsy shop. 

You can read about all the dresser makeover details here.

I knew I wasn't going to find a nightstand that matched this dresser exactly, but I was excited to find this campaign style nightstand for a reasonable price. The only issue with it when I purchased it was that the hardware was a brushed sliver finish. I removed the hardware and sprayed a coat of gold spray paint over them.

When it came to the bed, I kept the same approach - create a sophisticated feel with a nautical undertone. 

The sea grass bed frame and striped duvet cover definitely give the bed a coastal feel, while the floral and Ikat patterned throw pillows bring the space back to a traditional look.

If there is one thing I have learned about myself when it comes to decorating, I am extremely picky when it comes to throw pillows. They really can set the mood for an entire room, so it's important to know what kind of look you're going for.

I have also learned that my favorite place to shop for pillows is on Etsy. There are so many options when it comes to fabric and style, and the selection you find on Etsy can be almost overwhelming. These pillow covers came from one of my favorite shops, PillowTimeGirls.

To add warmth to a room, I always try to bring in greenery. Whether it's live plants or silk plants, I think it helps to soften up a space.




Overall, the room is bright, cheery and inviting. And the coastal vibe makes you want to kick up your feet and relax!

And now that we're all relaxed, let's take a moment to sit back and look at where we are now, and where we came from. I think it's safe to say we've made some major strides in this bedroom!

BEFORE                                               AFTER

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