Condo Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Oh yes, it's time for another renovation reveal today! To mix it up, today I am sharing a project we just finished at our condo. Since we purchased the lake house almost three years ago, the majority of our attention has been focused on renovating that home. The lake house is finally to the point where the projects are slowing down, it really feels like a comfortable and inviting space, and we can sit back and relax. Oh wait, I take that last part back. Sit back and relax? I'm still working on that one! Because we had been so focused on the lake house, our condo has been treated like the cast off, neglected step child. But, last Fall we agreed to spend the Winter shifting our focus back to some condo projects. Well, Winter became Spring, and now with Summer right around the corner, we finally have completed the bathroom renovation. Just in time to sit back and relax all Summer, right?! Doubtful.

Here are the Before pictures. 

There you have it, folks - city living at its finest! I'm pretty sure I should be mortified right now that I'm showing off this room, but what can I space is a luxury here and you take it where you can get it - even if that means telling your guests they won't be showering for the weekend. I wasn't joking when I said we have been treating our condo like Cinderalla (pre-Prince Charming). 

The first step was naturally to convert the room from a storage closet back to a functioning bathroom. We then started demo-ing the floor and shower tiles, repairing the drywall, and removing the vanity and toilet. Here is a shot somewhere along that process.

The main objective of this makeover was to replace the builder's grade look with a more fresh and modern feel. Below is the full scope of work:

  • Remove wainscoting
  • Repair drywall
  • Paint walls
  • Install new baseboard trim
  • Replace built-in vanity with freestanding vanity
  • Replace toilet
  • Update bathtub walls with subway tile
  • New light fixture
  • New hardware

The catalyst to this makeover actually stemmed from a poor design choice on my part when renovating the guest bathroom at the lake house. Long story short, we had an extra bathroom vanity laying around which we knew we wanted to use for this renovation. So, whatever updates we made, they had to coordinate well with the vanity. 

Over this past year, I have started to incorporate more black into my decor. I knew I wanted to carry this trend into the bathroom as well. Since we were working with a white vanity, and the room isn't huge, I wanted the use of black to be minimal, but effective. I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to achieve that, until I spotted this mosaic bathroom tile at Floor & Decor. It immediately caught my eye and paired well with subway tile, which I wanted to use for the shower.

With the major design decisions made, I felt pretty good about the bones of the room. I figured from there I could work out the details as I went.

So, let's get to the After pictures and then talk details.

The vanity was actually the same size as the original built-in it replaced, so it fit the space perfect. Thank goodness, because there are no more bathrooms left to pass it down to!

However, because it has the open shelf at the bottom, it looks much less bulky than the original vanity.

We went with a polished nickel finish for all the hardware. It has a slightly more goldish tone to it than the traditional chrome you see so often.

One of the major issues why this vanity didn't work in the original bathroom we planned for was the countertop color. It has some earth tones in it which completely didn't match. Luckily, those brownish hues compliment the flooring in this bathroom much better, allowing me to pull in both browns and blacks.

For the toilet, we went with the Memoirs collection by Kohler. I never thought I'd find myself saying this, but it's a pretty toilet.

Overall, that side of the room looks a million times better. Moving onto the shower. Since this is a guest bathroom and the shower is really only used a handful of times, it didn't seem necessary to rip out the entire bathtub. The current one worked fine (at least I remembered it working fine back in the days before it became my throw pillow storage closet). So, the only upgrade we made was replacing the 4 x 4 tiles with traditional subway tiles.

I'm a big fan of using dark grout against white subway tiles. I think it's such a timeless, classic look. The dark grout also tied in well with the black from the flooring.

The only other upgrade we made to the shower was building a custom niche on the back wall.

The one other small upgrade we made which I think makes a huge impact is installing thick baseboards. The style of trim can really dictate the overall style of the room. We opted for an eight inch baseboard with a pretty simple style. 

I'll admit, I'm still getting used to having a second functioning bathroom. For so long, I would just walk by the door while trying to block out the images of what I knew was on the other side. Every time I walk in now, I'm still a bit surprised at what I see. 

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