Randolph Street Market

The countdown is on! While Memorial Day usually marks the unofficial beginning of Summer for most people, for me it marks the beginning of 'busy season'. For all you accountants out there (are there accountants who actually read furniture blogs?), you're probably reading this while giving a hearty Dr. Evil 'MuWahahahaaaaah' laugh, seeing as you are finally ending your 'busy season' and are letting out a slow sigh of relief that you passed your audits. Anyways, back to the subject. The countdown is on not only for a three day weekend of backyard BBQ's, spending time with friends and family, Indy 500 racing, and honoring our troops, it's a countdown to the first (outdoor) Randolph Street Market of the year. Yeah Baby!

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you're probably heard of Randolph Street Market. For those of you who aren't familiar with the event, it is America's largest urban antiques market, hosting over 300 vendors. The market is open the last weekend of every month, however May is the first month that the outdoor section is open, which is much more conducive to vendors like myself selling larger items. 

Last year was my first time participating in the event. While I had a great time, there were definitely some takeaways I left with on how to improve my space and approach for this year. Not only is it an exhausting weekend, it's a big time commitment, so my thought is if I'm going to do it, I've gotta do it right and make it worthwhile. 

Randolph Street Market 2015

Randolph Street Market 2015

The main change I'm making this year is to have more inventory. Keeping an ample amount of inventory on stock is a constant battle for me in general. However, in order to ensure I have not only enough inventory, but also the right kind of inventory for the weekend, I've been hoarding some pieces, and keeping them off my Etsy shop. I learned last year there is a 'sweet spot' in terms of price and size, so this year I'm focusing more on smaller items such as side tables, small dressers, mirrors, etc. From what I gathered during last year's festival, people are much more inclined to buy pieces that they can carry away on the spot rather than having to think about the logistics of having it delivered later. 

Similar to last year, I'm teaming up with my friend who is a carpenter by trade. He brings a different twist into the space with his creative approach of building. He combines various furniture parts together to create one of a kind pieces, like this desk with a Singer sewing machine base. Pretty cool, huh?!

To increase the level of anticipation, I figured I'd do a bit of shameless advertising today and share with you some of the pieces I'm planning on bringing. Drumroll please...

Emerald Green Nightstand - With a fun color and funky hardware, this small piece adds a big statement to any room.

Antique Washstand - This is the second washstand that I've redone. I was pretty smitten over my first one, and was a bit reluctant to see it go. However, when I saw this guy, I jumped on the chance of refinishing another one. You can read all about the details of the original washstand here.

Bar Cart - At least that's what I would use it for. Yes, this piece could probably function for a million different occasions, but I guess when I see a flat surface on wheels, I see a perfect place to store wine (and other spirits of choice)!

Whitewashed Nightstand - Basic. Practical. Functional. The End.

Campaign Dresser & Nightstand - You don't need me to sit here and tell you campaign style furniture is all the rage right now, but I will. Hey guys, campaign style furniture...so hot right now!

Round End Table - Although it's simple, there is still so much detail to this piece. It's one of those tables that I like more and more every time I look at it.

Duck Egg Blue End Table - This table is all about layering and depth. For such a small piece, there is a lot of personality baked into this little guy. And the icing on the cake...the charming glass knob from D Lawless Hardware

Green End Table - Yes...this is the THIRD green piece of furniture I'm sharing with you...and I'm just getting started. :) 

Although I am focusing more on smaller items, I am still planning on bringing a decent amount of dressers, chests and buffets. Oh yeah, and I'm definitely planning on buying a sturdier tent. I won't go into detail, as I'm still hoping my sister will help me work the booth again and has forgotten about the traumatic events from last year!  

Hope to see you all there!