Grey Changing Table

It's hard to believe, but it's been just over two years since I quit my 'day job' and dove into this new venture of refinishing furniture, blogging, decorating, etc. It took a bit of time to clean out all those cobwebs on the right side of my brain and flip the creativity switch on, but after two years, I think I'm going at full force. There are even some days that when asked what I do, I respond, "Oh, I'm an artist." Yeah...that may be a bit of a stretch, but I like to try it out for size. :) Over these past two years, I've also learned a lot about my customers. Who they are, what they like, buying tendencies, preferences...all that good stuff that I could probably analyze, create into graphs and charts, and report on...if only I still used the left side of my brain! Although I may not have a bar graph to prove this, I have learned a lot of my customers are expecting moms shopping for their baby's nursery. Since this demographic comprises such a large percentage of my customer base, I figured it was about time to market my pieces towards this group of people.

I picked up this dresser at a second hand store a couple weeks ago. Here is how it looked originally.

It was evident that it needed some minor repairs, but overall it was a solid wood piece with great lines and details. At first, I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with this dresser. To give myself some flexibility, I first filled in all the hardware holes with Bondo wood filler. I used the same wood filler to repair the areas where the veneer had chipped off. 

Once those areas were sanded down, it was time for the dresser to hit up the spray booth. For the color, I went with African Gray by Sherwin Williams. It's such a soft, pretty shade that compliments the curved lines of the dresser. It took four light coats of paint (lightly sanding in between coats), followed by a protective coat of polyurethane. At this point, the piece had such a sweet feel to it, that I knew it had to take the nursery route. Here is how it turned out.

To stick with the soft feel, I went with these crystal glass knobs from D Lawless Hardware

They come in various sizes, which was perfect so I could use smaller knobs for the center drawers.

The body of the piece has just the right amount of detail to draw in the eye, yet not compete with the new hardware.

It definitely maintained its traditional feel, but now has a completely different vibe.

It's versatile color and style would compliment almost any nursery style.

It's the perfect height to double as a changing table, and long enough to hold a changing pad as well as supplies. These days, I think a lot of people have opted against the traditional changing tables, and have instead purchased a dresser that can be used as a changing table now, but can graduate into a traditional dresser as the child gets older.

This dresser could do just that. I know I've seen dressers very similar to this in home furnishing magazines that weren't catered to just children's furniture. But for now, a sweet nursery dresser is how I like to think of it.