Hardware Sources

It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of paint can completely transform a piece of furniture. However, as dramatic of a change as it may produce, sometimes it's just not quite enough. I'll look at a piece and it will still seem a bit 'off'. This is when I know it still needs some fine tuning, and in most cases, that means updating the hardware. New hardware can have just as powerful of an effect as a rich coat of lacquer and can make a dated piece of furniture look fresh and modern. The biggest downside of new hardware often times is that it can come at a steep price. I get a lot of questions from readers/customers wanting to know my hardware sources. So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite sources with you today.

1) D Lawless Hardware - Not only do I love this store because of their great selection, I also love the fact that it's based out of IL. D Lawless carries everything from antique reproductions to MCM to traditional. 

2.  The Hardware Hut - This company has not only a robust selection of knobs and pulls, but also carries a wide array of hinges, locks and pretty much anything else you can imagine that has to do with hardware. One of my favorite hardware brands is Bosetti Marella. While you can find this brand at a lot of stores, I haven't seen such a complete lineup of their product anywhere else.

3) MyKnobs.com - I have been able to find some really unique hardware from this site. Again, this site carries much more than just hardware, so if you're looking to update a full room like a bathroom, this is a great one-stop shopping resource.

4) Home Depot - While I have found the in-store selection is often times lacking, if you go on their website, you'll find a huge range of hardware options. I always seem to turn to Home Depot when looking for the basics, and they never seem to disappoint.

Regardless of where you find your hardware, the key is to get creative. Don't feel like you're restricted to finding something to match the current holes in the piece. While it definitely takes more time and effort to cover the existing holes and drill new ones, it's worth it!