Bucktown Bachelor Pad...Part 2

It's been a couple months since I kicked off the Bucktown project, and I thought we were due for an update. If you missed the first part, you can get up to date here. We've made some significant progress, and things are slowly starting to come together. We were hoping to have things wrapped up by late March so everything was settled by the time the baby arrived, but apparently the furniture industry doesn't work around due dates and when they say it takes 10-12 weeks for a couch to arrive, you wait patiently. So, let's take a look at where we are today.

Family Room

For the Family Room, we wanted to lighten up the space and bring in more color, specifically blues and greys. We also wanted to make the furniture baby-friendly, which meant eliminating all sharp corners. While this room hasn't changed much yet, a lot of items have been ordered, including a new sofa, upholstered ottoman/coffee table, console table, wall decor and window treatments. In addition, the fireplace mantle was painted to match the window trim. 

Below is the color pallet we're going with. The solid blue/grey is being used on the couch. It's a really pretty shade and extremely versatile. The tweed is being used for the ottoman. There's a wide range of blues in the fabric, allowing us to play around with other elements in the room. The bottom fabric will be for throw pillows, although more will probably be added. And the white fabric swatch is the new window treatment. Overall, the colors create a warm, comfortable feel. 

blue grey fabrics

Here are the items that have been purchased. And while we wait...and wait, and wait some more, we can continue to just look at these pictures!

upholstered ottoman
console table

We're still working on some sort of accent wallpaper for the back wall, added trim work around the fireplace, replacing the garden stool, and finishing decorative touches. 


A bit more progress has been made in the basement. To start, the walls have been painted a pale grey and the flooring has been installed. Just with those two updates, the room looks significantly more up to date. In addition, we have started adding in some decorative touches like throw pillows and accent pieces on the entertainment wall. 

red couch
red couch

What remains? Plenty! A rug has been ordered and should arrive soon. 

But as you can see there are a lot of bare walls now that need some attention. We're working on designing a gallery wall for the space below.

In addition, the bar hasn't been touched. However, we have a vision and the wheels are in motion. Below is an inspirational picture we're going off.

industrial wet bar

We will be adding a reclaimed wood backsplash, brushed chrome floating shelves, a Cesar stone counter top, and mercury glass pendants. There is so much texture in all these elements, and I think they'll play well together in blending the current modern touches with a more casual, industrial feel.  

Overall, I feel pretty good about where we are. Over these next several weeks, a lot more progress will be made and everything will start coming together. I definitely have a vision of the final product, and it's going to look fabulous!