Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Krueger Design

One of the perks about my job is the opportunity I get to constantly work with talented, creative individuals in the design world. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than to see the work of others, and to watch how they can turn a blah, boring room into a space that is nothing short of stunning. I have been fortunate to be able to collaborate with some of the top designers in Chicago and to watch how they have transformed people’s spaces into their dream homes.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Krueger Design on one of their projects. EKD has worked on high end residential projects throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Their belief is that your home should be functional yet tailored. They focus on creating a space that brings the homeowner joy and incorporates mementos that are reminiscent of happy memories. They have mastered the craft of successfully showcasing personal objects, while maintaining a sophisticated, upscale feel.

Elizabeth Krueger

Elizabeth Krueger

When EKD approached me for this project, they had several client owned items they wanted to keep in the new design, but needed to be refinished to fit the updated style. Often times, people have meaningful pieces of furniture that they’d like to keep, yet don’t work with their current home decor. This is where we come in and can help give the client’s furniture the necessary makeover needed so it can blend into the new decorating scheme.

The overall feel of the house was modern with eclectic touches and sporadic pops of color. They focused a lot on adding in texture and various patterns to prevent the space from looking sterile. We knew with the proper finish, these pieces would fit into the new design seamlessly.

The end result was stunning! Take a look for yourself.

Photography by Mike Schwartz

Dining Room:

Living Room:


Sitting Room:

Often times, once pieces of furniture leave our studio, we never see them in their final homes. It is such a treat to see the finished product and to know they were incorporated into such a beautiful space where they will be cherished for years to come!