The 'Not-so-Basic' Holiday Shopping Guide
December 14, 2023

The 'Not-so-Basic' Holiday Shopping Guide

Oh, how time flies! Before you know it, the holiday season is upon us again, arriving earlier each year with tempting sales that make gift-shopping a breeze. As you’ve probably seen all over Instagram, gift suggestions are plentiful, so here’s my two cents!

For the activity goers and golfers out there who value comfort as much as style, Beyond Yoga offers a tempting 30% off deal. Their gear is incredibly soft and comfortable— perfect for those who are constantly on the move. But let’s not overlook Byrdie Golf Social. When you’re at the ‘nine and dine,’ expect everyone to inquire about your chic golf outfit. And definitely consider Gfore Golf shoes—they’re the finishing touch to the ideal golf ensemble!

If your family prefers cozy gatherings, Lake Pajamas is the way to go. I’ve nearly emptied my husband’s side of the drawer to make room for these pajamas—they’re just that snug. They’re the ideal PJs for lounging by the tree and fireplace during the holidays.

For the home decor seeker drawn to the classic and unique, Parvum Opus has what you need. Their collection strikes a perfect balance between elegance and whimsy, and it’s bound to charm any decor enthusiast. One of my personal favorites is their double picture frames—they’re refreshingly distinctive, and while I adore Framebridge, I’m always drawn to more color and pattern.

One cherished family tradition of ours is exchanging ornaments each year. It’s a wonderful gift that brings back memories every time we decorate the tree. On my tree, you can never have too many ornaments! Through our collection I’ve found unique choices from Parterre. They have a Juliet Beaded Bee ornament set that’s creating quite the buzz. Also, make sure to check out Riley Sheehey’s exquisite hand-painted ornaments—they add a pop of joy to any Christmas tree.

Happy Shopping!