Five Ways To Update Your Vintage Furniture
August 17, 2022

Five Ways To Update Your Vintage Furniture

As the trend of repurposing old furniture continues to escalate, consumers are starting to see just how in depth one can go when it comes to giving your furniture a facelift. While painting an old brown piece of furniture may be the obvious choice, it’s just scratching the surface of possibilities. We’ve put together a list of five of our favorite and most popular requests when it comes to giving furniture new life.

REUPHOLSTER…AND REIMAGINE: When you reupholster a piece of furniture, it’s a great opportunity to assess the current design and decide if it fits the overall style you’re going for. Details such as tufting, cording, and cushion design can completely alter the overall style of the piece. Below are a couple ideas that illustrate how you can incorporate design elements to really elevate the look.


ADD A CONTRASTING TOP: Whether it’s for form or function, replacing the wood top of a piece of furniture can add a level of interest and durability. Choose from marble, quartz, or glass, this upgrade will certainly add character to your old piece of furniture.