BEHIND THE SCENES: Custom Upholstered Furniture
August 04, 2023

BEHIND THE SCENES: Custom Upholstered Furniture

Since introducing our new custom upholstered furniture line, there has been a lot of buzz and inquires. New product launches like this are always super exciting for us, but don’t come without a fair share of work and stress leading up to it and ensuring everything will go off without a hitch!

To truly get an appreciation for what goes into a custom piece of furniture, I want to take you behind the scenes today and share the process with you on our most recent project, a banquette for our showroom.

Like most design decisions in my life, it starts on instagram. It then is reinforced by trolling through my favorite interior designers’ websites and ultimately, if I’m lucky enough, seeing it in person.

We’ve been in the process of giving the showroom a complete revamp, so I felt like I had the perfect opportunity to ‘let ‘er rip’ and just do what I wanted!

The design for this banquette started with a couple inspirational pieces…

Once the style was confirmed, we chose the fabric and trim. We went with a performance fabric in a pale green paired with a feminine tape by Samuel & Sons.

We then taped off the space and mocked up a sketch of the design.

Once we had the details hammered out, the guys got to work - building, cutting, sewing. That was the easy part.

Accommodating and altering to my never-ending changes and requests was the challenging part - luckily they are seasoned vets in this department though!