FEATURE FRIDAY: Maggie Meiners
April 21, 2022

FEATURE FRIDAY: Maggie Meiners

You know those people that after your initial meeting with them you walk away thinking, “I want to be their friend!”. That was the feeling I had after first meeting Maggie. She’s cool, she’s spunky and most importantly, she’s just a good person. An esteemed artist and filmmaker, Maggie is no stranger to the art world. Born and raised outside of Chicago, she holds various degrees from the University of Colorado-Boulder, De Paul and Maine Media college. Her work explores themes of self-critique, popular culture, gender and more.

We currently have several pieces from her Beautiful Collision collection featured in our showroom available for sale. In a series of photographs, this collection explores climate change and the commodification of nature. Vestigial traces of the natural world, represented in black-and-white silhouettes, collide with brightly-colored, gem-toned landscape elements in an ontological battle. Despite the visual appeal of colorful expanses of mountain and sky, a sense of the tragic pervades these images, appropriately so given recent, dire warnings from the scientific community regarding the future of the planet. These are her most somber images to date.

What is your earliest memory of creating art?

I was always fond of "crafting" at summer camp and at home. Basket weaving, beading, needlepoint and rug hooking were in rotation. As I got older I loved making collages from magazines, something that has reemerged in my work in recent years.

What are three words you would use to describe your art today?

Feminine, Provocative , Pop culture

Tell us a little more about your style. What inspires you to create/ who or what are your biggest influences?

I would say that color and repetition are two things you will find frequently in my art, though the form in which I express myself varies. I often start with an idea that stems from some sort of conflict I am having within myself as it relates to the larger cultural narrative. As I work out my thoughts, the medium develops which best expresses that particular truth. Different artists inspire me at different times. I am particularly fond of Mickelene Thomas, Laurie Simmons, Louise Bourgeois, Hebru Brantley and Nick Cave.

Are there any current artists or particular pieces that you're loving?

Bisa Butler's exhibition at the Art Institute was mind blowing. I am also looking forward to Nick Cave's show opening this spring at the MCA. And a dear friend and mentor of mine, Cig Harvey, is always an inspiration.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects to date.
That's a tough one as every project gives me so much and helps me evolve in a new way. I suppose my thesis project which I completed in May 2021 has been my favorite, as it was a culmination of so many year's work. I created a magazine, along with a short film, a neon piece and some mixed media pieces.

What do you enjoy most about working within the art and film world?

Making art and films is so cathartic for me. I am able to work through difficult narratives and personal internal conflicts through the making process. Filmmaking includes so many layers, from audio to visual to the narrative, set design and costuming that it encompasses all of the things I love in one project, though can be daunting at times.


What is one piece of advice you would give to artists who are hesitant to put their work out there?

I heard a quote once from a South African artist whose name I am sorry I don't remember but what he said was so poignant and has resonated strongly ever since: “ARTISTS ARE THE ONES THAT CAN SING OUT OF TUNE.” Sometimes when I struggle with putting somewhat vulnerable work out there, I remind myself that someone out there has a similar story to tell and thus, allows me to connect to the world in a different way.

Where's your favorite place on Earth?
It depends on my mood. For now, right here, present and in the moment.

What's your spirit animal?

Well, according to the "experts" my spirit animals are a white fox and a deer. However, I tend to identify the the squirrels in my backyard.


Where can we find you online/on social media? What is the best way for potential clients to contact you?

IG: @maggiemeinersprojects FB: maggiemeiners WEBSITE: www.maggiemeiners.com