MCM TV Console
December 17, 2017

MCM TV Console

Well it's been a bit of a whirlwind over here these past couple weeks. After anxiously awaiting her arrival, and really starting to question if she was ever going to come, we welcomed Hannah Elizabeth into our lives December 5th, 10 days past her due date. She has since stolen our hearts and we are truly enjoying getting to know her and watching her change and grow each day. 

However, back in the studio, things are still going strong. We have been crazy busy with custom orders and customer owned projects. My favorite part about custom orders is often times the client has a totally different vision for a piece than what I would have had. It allows me to play around with new colors and techniques. This latest custom piece was no exception. 

I have to give some major credit to my client. His vision for this piece was way beyond anything I would have envisioned. 

Here is how the dresser started. Your standard MCM dresser.

The end goal was to convert this dresser into a TV console. To achieve this transformation, we removed the top center drawer and glide to create a space to hold TV accessories. We then created a smooth bottom surface by installing a sheet of hardboard. The final step was to then cut a hole in the back for wiring.

That pretty much took care of the carpentry part of this project. Now, for the refinishing!

The frame was to be stained a dark walnut shade. The outer drawers were to be painted in a white lacquer. And the middle drawers were to be painted in a blue lacquer. It sounded like a lot, and probably more than I would usually incorporate into a piece. But as it turned out, it worked!

I've done MCM pieces before with the stained/white combo, but never have I added in a second color. The blue really creates a one-of-a-kind look. 

It's a statement piece for sure and provides much more than just a functional place to store some TV accessories.

Although it's bright and fun, the dark walnut base helps to tie everything together and tone it down a bit.

However, the best part about this piece is I can guarantee you won't walk into your friend's living room and find the exact same TV console!