February 26, 2016

Condo Kitchen Mini-Makeover

Seeing that less than a year ago, the Before picture in this post was being proudly displayed as the After picture in another project, it's safe to say that when it comes to decorating around here, change is the only constant. I am forever moving knick-knacks around, swapping out one throw pillow for another, and in general always looking for what I can change next. You know that moment where you look around your home with a sigh of relief and think, "Finally, it's all done!". Yeah, that lasts for about all of 10 seconds for me...then it's onto another project! If you remember from earlier this year, I updated our dining room table. Inevitably, this has led to several other updates, the latest being the kitchen. 

Here is how it started. (If you want to see the steps taken to get to this point, you can get the details here.)

Let's just say that after awhile lime green walls start to wear on you. I'll admit, lapse in judgement on my part, and I've been living with the consequences for the past two years. I mean, I'm all for bright and cheery and everything, but I may have gone a bit overboard with that color choice. Key lime pie makes a great dessert option, not such a great wall color option.  

So, as most projects start out around here, I reached for my paintbrush. See-ya later lime green walls, it's been real.  

You know how parents can't wait for a night out away from their kids and get so excited to finally have adult time, only to find that once they sit down for a romantic dinner, all they can talk about is their kids? Kinda the same scenario over here when it comes to me and painting. I paint furniture all day, then come home only to think about what walls I want to paint next. Pathetic? Debatable. #INeedANewHobby

Anyways, after a trip to Home Depot, I opted for a neutral gray color called Silver Drop by Behr. It has a warm undertone and is extremely versatile. For not doing too much analyzing on my color choice, it ended up pairing very nicely with the surrounding walls. 

I actually liked the color so much that I decided to extend it into the foyer and through the dining room. 

And in case you're wondering, I DID let out a huge sigh of relief once the lime green walls were gone. Ahhh...serenity. I think opting for bright and cheery in the form of fresh flowers is a much better option!


If you remember, our condo is pretty open, so all the rooms, although serve their specific function, blend into one another. In general, between the pillows, the artwork and the rugs, there is a lot of color, so it was nice to tone it down a notch with more neutral colored walls.  

I also tried to tone down the accessories, sticking with a metallic palate instead of an overload of blue and green. Moderation...I'm slowly learning the meaning of this word. 

I'm also still loving the black I've incorporated into our home lately. It really helps to balance out the color and create a more sophisticated feel.

As with any home update, I always use it as an opportunity to sit back and analyze the space. What works? What doesn't? I guess the harder questions to answer are what can you change and what are you stuck with? Obviously my list of wants is a lot longer than the list of what we're actually going to tackle, so it's important to figure out what upgrades make sense given your budget and living situation. Small changes + Big impact = WIN!

As for what's up next...what do you think? I've got my list ready and my priorities highlighted, but I'd love to hear your ideas!