August 13, 2015

Mud Room Update

We've been making some major progress with the Mud Room lately. I'd like to call it 95% complete. But I guess I never can consider a room fully done considering I live my life in a constant state of re-decorating our home. I have a couple creative ideas I want to do with wall decor in this room, and there are a couple cosmetic issues I want to fix, but we're getting there! As for the full Mud Room reveal, that's a different story. The thought of having the entire Mud Room clean and photo-worthy sounds a bit daunting! So, I guess I'll continue down my path of showing off the room corner by corner. 

If you remember awhile back, I showed you the custom storage lockers we built. They provide the perfect space to unload when we walk in the door and help to keep our belongings organized and tidy looking. When designing the layout for this room, we knew it needed to serve a lot of functions, yet still look uniform throughout and not too choppy or compartmentalized. 

Well, we thought we had covered all our bases when we submitted the 'final' design plan to our contractors. Famous last words, huh?! Luckily, they had been working with us long enough at this point that I'm sure it was no surprise when I walked in one day and announced, "STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! We're making a change...and it's a big one!" Nope, didn't phase them one bit. 

Up to this point, every time Lucy (our Golden Retriever) came inside from running around in mud, swimming in the lake, digging up flowers, rolling around in fire pit ash, and whatever other activities she liked to do...none of which included staying clean, we would have to carry her upstairs to the walk-in shower to clean her off. It got to the point where we were doing this multiple times a day. Needless to say, this got old...REAL FAST.

But what were we to do?! I wasn't about to keep Lucy indoors all day! I mean, what kind of life is that?! Being forced to lay around indoors while all that dirt is outside, just waiting to be dug up! I'd have to turn myself into Animal Control, and that wasn't about to happen. If I wanted a pet that would just lay around all day, I would have settled on a cat. So, if Lucy's habits weren't going to be altered, it meant we'd have to budge elsewhere. And that's when the dog shower came into the picture!

Luckily, our Mud Room is quite spacious, so when we made this last minute addition, it didn't totally close off the room. I laugh now because when I was trying to envision it I was concerned it would look too cramped. However, now that it's built, I think the room would look bare with so much extra space.

The overall design was pretty basic. We decided on the dimensions, and then found a standard sized shower pan to fit. I was so excited just thinking about how much easier this shower was going to make my life! Apparently Lucy wasn't feeling the same level of excitement.

I went with a black shower pan to add contrast against the white subway tile. It also helps to tie in the dark colored grout. If you remember our shower in our Master Bathroom, we used the same materials here.

The handheld faucet makes it easy to really give her a good soak down.

Overall, this shower became a life saver! It made life so much simpler. Almost too simple...and where is the fun in that?! Really, isn't life about the daily struggle and overcoming challenges?! At least that's the way I was raised. So, one evening Kyle and I sat down and talked over our options. After a very serious discussion we came to the conclusion that there really was only one logical option here...........get a PUPPY!!! (Or at least that's the way I remember the debate going!)

Because let's be honest, bath time is so much more fun when you have a partner in crime!

And I'm not even going to talk about the level of craziness that occurs when their cousins, Ted and Sally, come to visit. COMPLETE CHAOS.

Yep, that's real life. You can't make this stuff up folks!