March 18, 2016

Spring Outdoor Decor

With Spring just days away, I can't help but to turn my attention to the outdoors. The days are getting longer and the temperatures are slowly starting to creep up. All Winter I spent cooped up indoors working on home projects...decorating, painting, cleaning...getting our home in tip-top shape. I was feeling pretty good, like maybe I could finally sit back and relax. And hit me. SPRING. Living in Chicago, Spring doesn't necessarily translate to backyard BBQ's and flip-flops, but, aside from making you realize that bathing suit season it quickly approaching, it also makes you remember that whole other part of your home that you have neglected these past four months...the outdoors. 

This week I teamed up with Modern Masters to create some fun and creative outdoor decor. They have a metal effects line that is perfect for creating a unique finish for both indoor and outdoor decor and furniture. For me, this was an ideal way to start decorating for Spring. I chose their Blue Patina Aging kit. The kit came with all the materials I needed for the project which made it super easy, and prevented me from having to make my usual second (and third) trip back to Home Depot for the materials I forgot.

Although I looked at examples of past projects people had completed, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was really excited to try out this new product. After strolling up and down the outdoor isles at Home Depot, I ended up with a couple plastic flower pots (the ones that look like the clay pots) and a galvanized metal bucket. These looked like winners.

The first step was to prime the items. I'll admit, this is the first primer I have ever used that came out brown. Again, just adding to the whole uncertainty of whether or not this project was going to be a success or a huge flop.

The next step was to paint and then use the patina spray. Again, slightly scary. I was still a bit apprehensive and was preparing for a back-up plan.

But then, it dried. And it was awesome! The finish was so unique! You never would have guessed how these pieces looked originally. I was ready to head outside to decorate with my new pots. 

The only issue...the wind. For those of you who aren't aware, Chicago has a nickname of being called 'The Windy City'. Despite popular belief, this nickname was actually given to Chicago because of its politicians blowing out hot air. But, it also holds true when talking about a typical weather forecast in Chicago. The winds blowing off Lake Michigan are no joke! 

Bottom line, lightweight accessories and wind advisories don't mix, and that outdoor photo shoot I had planned turned into me chasing after stuffed carrots, throwing myself over rabbit figurines, and all but jumping into the Chicago River to save an Easter egg. I can only pray that no one was looking over their balcony watching this whole fiasco unfold. 

Sadly, I surrendered, and decided the outdoor decor would have to be postponed. 

No worries, I'm always up for another revamp of indoor decor!

So while I may just wait until July to bring out the Spring decor, the indoors is now hoppin'!

If you're looking for some creative ways to spruce up for Spring, definitely give this product a try. You can order it online from Home Depot here. Just don't do it on a windy day! :)